April 18, 2014

Sarah | Mentoring with Caroline Logan

Sarah had emailed me quite a while back about hosting a mentoring session with her, and I am so glad we were finally able to make it happen! From the moment she greeted me with a big hug and a warm smile, I knew I'd love her! Sarah has such a bubbly personality and a fun sparkle about her. I love that. She is incredibly gifted and has a huge heart for the art of what she does, and it was awesome to sit down with her and talk through the business side of things!

These sessions are such a privilege for me, and I always walk away with a full heart to be able to spend time sharing hearts and passions with such gifted women. It's exciting to see a community of photographers being built here in Lancaster that are dedicated to serving and loving their clients through their gift! Oh man, that's the kind of thing that sets my heart on fire. :)

Enjoy a few of my favorites of Sarah's new head shots, and have a wonderful weekend! Xo!

April 14, 2014

Allyson | Mentoring with Caroline Logan

Oh I love whenever I have the opportunity to host a mentoring session with other photographers! Sitting and talking one on one for hours with some of the sweetest girls who share in my passion for photography... sounds like a dream to me!

I was so excited to meet with Allyson and hear about her business last week because quite honestly she inspires ME... she is a wife and mama to two little ones AND is running an amazing photography business! Whew, talk about a busy schedule! She has so much passion for her rapidly growing photography business AND yet, values sweet time spent with her family and treasuring her little ones while they are still just that, little, above all. Love that. Our time together was focused on helping her refine her business and workflow to make more time for what matters most. :)

It was such an honor and privilege for me to spend the day getting to know Allyson and dreaming with her about what the future of her business could look like! I'm so excited for her and all that's in store! We ended our time together with some head shots in the city, and I loved the clean little alcove we found! Isn't Allyson beautiful?! Enjoy a few of my favorites and have a Happy Monday!

April 10, 2014

Mark + Rebecca | An Intimate Philadelphia Wedding

She woke up that morning at 5:30 AM to the sound of birds chirping and little beams of light shining in her bedroom window. Today was the day. And soon enough, a chorus of squeals and excitement from Becca's sweet sisters and friends filled her childhood home as a beautiful reality sunk in... it was April 4th, 2014, at last.

This joy and calm peace settled upon every moment of the rest of the day and Mark + Becca spent it sweetly by each other's side, celebrating their love with forty of their dearest family and friends. Conversation pointed again and again to the treasure they'd found in each other, something that they vowed to always hold dear. Mark + Becca love each other deeply and endlessly, but also love and appreciate those lucky enough to be on their team with everything they have. And they have a way of finding beauty and something to be grateful for in every aspect of life... together, they took a cold and rainy day in Philadelphia and made it magical. There truly couldn't have been a more radiant bride, or more adoring groom. Or a more perfect day.

Mark + Becca... you know I just adore you two!! I can't express my thanks to you both enough for trusting me to capture this most precious of days! I could not be more excited about this marriage of yours and hope you enjoy this summary of your amazing wedding day! Xoxo!

Love these girls!! Their robes were so fun too!

Ready to get in her dress!

But first they had to Instagram it ;)

Ohhhh Becca you were such a vision!


A sweet moment with her daddy!

And then it was time to go see her groom! Loved these special moments that followed...

Such a fun bridal party!!

Pretty girls!

Nice, guys!

Haha that image on the left cracks me up... it was a little cold. :) The girls were such troopers!

Ceremony time! The sweetest most intimate ceremony...

Married :)

I loved how relaxed and casual their reception was...

And then they ended the night like THIS... sweetly slow dancing in the misty rain, breathing in their first quiet moments as husband and wife.

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