April 23, 2014

True to You Workshop

Oh friends, you know those big, exciting things that have you smiling as you type and over-using exclamation points?! :) This is one of those times for me and I am so excited to share it with you!!

Let me tell you a bit about my friend Char, the driven + inspiring heart behind Char Co. I've always admired Char not just as an amazingly talented photographer, but also as a genius business-mind... she runs her business with such purpose and heart it's contagious! Char has a gift for igniting passion in other creatives, and has used this gift to inspire countless photographers through past workshops she has hosted at her stunning studio.

I was so honored when she reached out to me with the idea of collaborating together (along with Svetlana... another true talent and sweet soul!) to produce a workshop with the purpose of bringing all three of our unique strengths + passions together to empower other photographers in the industry. So it is with GREAT joy + excitement I announce this new venture I will be taking part in, the True to You Workshop, coming on May 21st, 2014!
I LOVE the heart behind this workshop... a day focused on helping each photographer craft a business that is true to them and genuinely reflects their artistry and individualism!! I think Char put it best...

"Unfortunately….there is no I, 2, 3 formula that will turn our businesses into gold. BUT, there is principles, knowledge, understanding... that will get us started. On this special day coming up in May, we invite you to stop. Look inward instead of outward. Take a step back. Remove the clutter. Zero in on YOUR passion. Look at YOURself. Cognitively lay a solid foundation for YOUR business. Step by step. With intention. What you are doing now and where you want to be in a year from now. Let’s build your business to be a reflection of what works for YOU. Our goal is simple... to ENCOURAGE. CHALLENGE. And EQUIP. The day will include topics revolving around building your business solidly on you, the artist. Taking it a step farther... we will talk about HOW to get from here to there. In practical terms. Building your business TRUE TO YOU and what you want it it to look like… broken down into step by steps... yes!"

Ahhhh how AMAZING does that sound?! My favorite part? The big day will end on a festive note with a styled dinner, featuring DELICIOUS food provided by Tomato Pie Cafe (YUM!), creative inspiration, and newfound friendship! I can't wait to sit down together in a beautiful setting to review our time together, as well as to anticipate what is to come going forward after such a powerful day of inspiration and learning!
Char, Svetlana, and myself will each be speaking throughout the day on topics surrounding our unique strengths and passions within our businesses, and I am so excited about what this day is going to look like! There is so much goodness in store!! Char featured me on her blog the other week, and this is just a piece of what I shared...

"I believe, as photographers, there is so much value to be found in taking the focus off of YOU and what YOU can GET from your clients, and instead, focusing on what you can GIVE THEM. When you make SERVING, LOVING, and SPOILING your clients the foundation of your business, the results can’t help but be powerful. I believe this because I’ve experienced it firsthand, and have seen time and time again the ways this business model and philosophy has propelled my business forward in growth!

Oh I just have SUCH a heart for this!! There aren’t enough exclamation points to really describe it. :) This is what I know to be true… my relationships with my clients consistently inspire me, fill my heart with joy, and fuel my passion! And I WANT every photographer to experience this in their own business as well! I want it for you! Goodness, I am just so excited to share more with you in May and talk through how this can change the face of your business and revolutionize the way your clients talk about you to all of their friends. I wholeheartedly believe this has the power to not only PROPEL your business forward, but inspire your craft that much more!"

If this resonates at all with where you are and you're interested in learning more information about joining us next month, please feel free to jump on over to the workshop website to learn more information! Ahhh such an amazing day in store of sharing hearts and passions… we would LOVE and be so very honored to have you join us!!

April 22, 2014

Cooper + Emily | Engaged

He was a California boy, and she, a Lancaster County girl through and through. Yet their paths crossed in a little town known as Lynchburg, Virginia during their college years... sweetly and simply forever being changed for the better because of it. Kind, fun loving, and oh so genuine. That's Cooper + Emily.

And then came this glorious day, the day Cooper asked Emily to be his wife, overlooking the beaches of California. On Thanksgiving Day, Emily's very favorite day of the year, while following a path along the ocean, she found thoughtful notes written to her from Cooper of all the things in their relationship he was thankful for. The notes eventually led to a single table by the ocean covered in rose petals, with an encouraging video for her to view featuring personal video messages from all of Emily's sweetest and dearest family and friends who'd played a vital part in her life, but couldn't be there in California in person to share in the moment with her. As the video ended she heard her name called out from a familiar voice behind her, and turned to find her best friend down on one knee before her. And it was there that she joyously and instantly said YES to the man that she had dreamed of and prayed for for so many years.

Two of the dearest, happiest human beings you could imagine, together, Cooper + Emily so perfectly compliment one another. They are so clearly devoted to each other with joy that surrounds them and shines a light to all they know. They carry a beautiful presence with them and have a love that is evident in every smile, every glance. I feel so grateful to have the privilege of documenting this sweet season of their lives!

Cooper + Emily! I think it's safe to say I adore you both. :) Your joy has blessed me and I am so thrilled for you both and excited for you to become husband and wife August 30th!! It is going to be the happiest, most wonderful day and I can't WAIT! Until then, enjoy a few of my favorites from your springtime engagement session! XOXO!

April 18, 2014

Sarah | Mentoring with Caroline Logan

Sarah had emailed me quite a while back about hosting a mentoring session with her, and I am so glad we were finally able to make it happen! From the moment she greeted me with a big hug and a warm smile, I knew I'd love her! Sarah has such a bubbly personality and a fun sparkle about her. I love that. She is incredibly gifted and has a huge heart for the art of what she does, and it was awesome to sit down with her and talk through the business side of things!

These sessions are such a privilege for me, and I always walk away with a full heart to be able to spend time sharing hearts and passions with such gifted women. It's exciting to see a community of photographers being built here in Lancaster that are dedicated to serving and loving their clients through their gift! Oh man, that's the kind of thing that sets my heart on fire. :)

Enjoy a few of my favorites of Sarah's new head shots, and have a wonderful weekend! Xo!

April 14, 2014

Allyson | Mentoring with Caroline Logan

Oh I love whenever I have the opportunity to host a mentoring session with other photographers! Sitting and talking one on one for hours with some of the sweetest girls who share in my passion for photography... sounds like a dream to me!

I was so excited to meet with Allyson and hear about her business last week because quite honestly she inspires ME... she is a wife and mama to two little ones AND is running an amazing photography business! Whew, talk about a busy schedule! She has so much passion for her rapidly growing photography business AND yet, values sweet time spent with her family and treasuring her little ones while they are still just that, little, above all. Love that. Our time together was focused on helping her refine her business and workflow to make more time for what matters most. :)

It was such an honor and privilege for me to spend the day getting to know Allyson and dreaming with her about what the future of her business could look like! I'm so excited for her and all that's in store! We ended our time together with some head shots in the city, and I loved the clean little alcove we found! Isn't Allyson beautiful?! Enjoy a few of my favorites and have a Happy Monday!

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